Jam of the Week – May 10th

Of all the indie games, and all the throwback soundtracks, and all the retro platformers, and all the mind-bending puzzle games, and all the innovative ideas that have flourished from auteur game designers, Fez stands on the top.

That’s why the Jam of the Week is Beacon from Fez. A trippy little tune that manages to be wonderous and haunting at the same time. Enjoy!


Jam of the Week – April 5th

Child of Light is a beautiful game. Relatively simplistic RPG mechanics allow for the beautiful artwork, character design, and the sound design to shine. Even the dialogue is told exclusively through rhyming couplets! The whole thing functions as a dark fairy tale, and this track, “Aurora’s Theme”–sets the tone for the entire game. Enjoy!

Jam of the Week – March 1st

This week’s jam comes from the 2007 indie game Aquaria. It is quiet, melodic, and atmospheric. It creates the feel of some of the best David Wise Donkey Kong Country music for water levels. In fact, water levels have the best video game music second only to winter/snow levels. Its haunting and beautiful and driving and perfect. Give it a listen.

Jam of the Week – February 12th


This week’s jam comes from the surprise indie hit Stardew Valley. The game was made by one person (ConcernedApe) and that includes this splendid sound track. Since the game is essentially a throwback homage to farming simluators such as SimFarm and especially the Harvest Moon Series, it makes sense to give the soundtrack a retro vibe. This song seems like it could’ve been made for the Stranger Things soundtrack, though Stardew Valley came out a good four months before Stranger Things hit Netflix.

Jam of the Week – Feb 5th


This week’s Jam is Seashore War from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.


This somber, driving track plays when the Kong family first makes it back to their island and discover the frozen wastes of the courses from Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is the perfect mixture of a morose sadness and a foreboding anger. Just one of the many masterpieces from this game.